Our poultry operation is headed up by our teenage son, Mark. He enjoys everything poultry. He developed our egg selling business in 2016. He raises a variety of egg layers that we keep year round. The egg layers lay primarily brown eggs, but some lay white, light green-blue, olive, and chocolate colored eggs. Mark takes great care of the chickens. They are usually outside, roaming the pastures in the spring and summer months, with protection from predators at night in the barn.

Meat Chickens

Once a year we will raise a group of meat chickens. These will usually be Cornish-White Rock crosses. These notable birds convert feed very efficiently. After their first few weeks of being chicks, they are raised outside on grass in our “chicken tractor” housing. They do amazing work eating bugs and providing nitrogen rich fertilizer to the grass. If you are interested in meat chickens, please let us know ahead of time, because we usually raise only enough to fill orders. They are usually ready early summer.