Our Farm

Every Season Farm is located in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes region. We are the Freier family, and we are a small, diversified family-owned farm. Our farming philosophy would be similar to farms that would have been prevalent around 100 years ago. We embrace the idea of being seasonal in conjunction with the rhythm of the seasons as they change throughout the year.

American Milking Devon Regional Show at the Virginia State Fair 2019

We are committed to sustainable farming practices, focusing on grass-based agriculture, promoting soil health and allowing us to enrich the quality of our 165-acre farm with each passing season. We raise multiple species of animals and have a heavy focus on heritage breeds.

At Every Season Farm, we strive to raise excellent grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, chicken and wool. Not only do we enjoy being a small farm, we strive to build a customer base that enjoys the great taste and health benefits of grass-fed animals and can feel great about food raised in a sustainable manner.

The name Every Season Farm was crafted from the idea that life and its natural rhythm follow the seasons of the year. Life lived in conjunction with each season is rewarding in its own. Sometimes, with the pace of our modern world, if there were no such thing as temperature change, our life would feel very much the same from one day to the next. The anticipation of the upcoming season and all that it brings allows for enjoyment of each season to be lived to its fullest.