Grass Milk Dairy

Our long term goal at Every Season Farm is to establish a grass milk creamery. This is an important step in our plan for diversification and also represents a sustainable way to provide local nutritious food.

We are excited about using the American Milking Devon for this purpose. Historically Devons provide milk for small farms and were used commercially until they were overtaken by the modern dairy breeds. Devons have a great deal to offer in terms of dairy production. They are capable of making a sizable amount of milk on grass alone, which is high in butter fat and protein. This high quality and quantity of what the dairy field calls “components” (butter fat and protein), allows for higher production of cheese, cream and butter. Although the overall pounds of milk produced of per day, will always be less than the conventional dairy, where their cows are fed high energy feed-stuffs, such as corn, making milk on a grass based diet is sustainable and what the cow is designed to do.

Ruminant nutrition and the microbial activity that takes place in the cow’s four stomachs, is amazingly complex. In reality, when we feed cows, we are not actually feeding the cows, but rather the microbes in their stomachs. The nature of the feed that the cow consumes, has a direct effect on the milk that is produced. When energy come to the cow in grass, it promotes a type of fat in the cow, that is healthier and anti-inflammatory. This is a very real benefit of grass fed milk and dairy products.