Grass-Fed Beef

The production of nutritious food in a sustainable manner, is very important to us at Every Season Farm. We are care-takers of the land and wish to see it improve at every passing season. In excellent way to accomplish these goals is through grass based agriculture. Properly managed, pastures and hay fields can be a significant source of storing carbon, promoting clean water, and providing a highly nutritious feed. Cattle are an essential component to grass based agriculture.

Humans are not capable of utilizing plants in their most abundant form: grass. But ruminants, such as cattle are. The process of the grass, absorbing the sun’s energy and taking carbon dioxide out of the air, and storing this in its roots and leaves is only the beginning of the story. In a complicated but amazingly designed system, the microorganisms of the soil, interact with the plant roots to create a soil ecology that we are only beginning to understand. Cattle consuming the grass above the surface, and their effects of trampling and depositing their manure without disturbing the soil structure allows the soil to develop to its full potential.

We offer grass fed beef that has been born and raised locally on our own pastures. Our animals are raised at their mother’s side. We give our animals the opportunity to express their natural grazing abilities. Through intensive rotational grazing, we produce a healthy meat while the soil improves with each passing cycle.

Grass fed beef have a higher concentration of beneficial fatty acids, than conventional beef. Although this process takes longer, it produces a higher quality, more nutritious product than grain fed animals in a more sustainable manner.

We are happy to offer quarter, half, and whole cows. We also have on hand, USDA processed individual cuts of beef available for sale. Please refer to the price list, and email us if you are interested.

Brief explanation of buying beef from Every Season Farm works:

  1. We finish a grass fed steer at 1100-1200 lbs.
  2. We deliver the steer to a local custom meat processor. (This can be USDA or NY state inspected, depending on your needs.)
  3. Every Season Farm is paid based on the hanging weight. This is the weight after the hide an organs are removed. This is approximately about 50-55% of the live weight. (For example, a 1100 lbs. steer would have a hanging weight of about 550lbs.)
  4. We would provide you with a cut sheet, to indicate your preferences for processing, such as: thickness of steaks, number to package, size of roasts, etc.
  5. You meat would be frozen and ready for pick up directly from the custom processor. You would pay the custom processor directly for their processing fees, and Every Season Farm bases on the animal’s hanging weight. (Please note, the amount of beef you bring home, will be less than the hanging weight, based on the specific types of cuts that you request, as bones are removed and the overall finished product weight goes down.)